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Representing CEOs and C-Level Executives, SVPs & VPs, Directors

Paranzino Law provides strategic and legal advice and counseling for technology and finance executives negotiating offer letters, employment agreements and severance packages and separation agreements.

Paranzino Law handles contested termination situations and disputes between executives, founders, investors and Board members. Common issues include maximizing equity interests (restricted stock and stock options), cash compensation and bonus collection, protecting professional reputations (employment references and non-disparagement protections), and the impact of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements.

When representing Executives, Paranzino Law uses written fee arrangements, including fixed/capped fees that make economic sense in light of the benefits to be conferred to the Executive. Great results and appropriate fees add up to happy clients.

Many Paranzino Law clients are self-directed type-A personalities who arrive at this web site after an exhaustive Google search for advice helpful in their matters. We have heard many times that our articles from several years ago on compensation matters and negotiation techniques in job offer and severance/employment termination situations are "among the best on the web."

If you are evaluating a new job offer, have a look at this article.

If you are trying to figure out how to negotiate a severance package after receiving some bad news, take a look at this.

Perhaps these articles will give you some valuable information if you elect to handle the matter yourself. If you prefer to consider all your options, our contact information is here. A preliminary consultation is always "no obligation."