Gary A. Paranzino, Attorney Representing the Technology Community
Silicon Valley & New York

Gary Paranzino represents all players around the technology industry conference table

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Paranzino Law Technology Industry Practice

Paranzino Law is focused on handling corporate and contested matters for individuals and companies in the technology industry.

The practice grows through a dedication to earning word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients. Client numbers, confidence and loyalty grow holistically and sustainably over time. Gary Paranzino invested in building the practice at the bottom of the technology business cycle in 2001, with ample faith in the future of the tech industry, his client base and his own abilities.

Paranzino Law provides Gary with a practice that provides him unending, interesting legal work of meaningful consequence to his clients.

Every matter gets a total effort from and the benefit of a lawyer with over 20 years of pertinent experience. Nothing gets delegated to a new or less experienced lawyers or paralegals. Paranzino Law uses technology aggressively to cut overhead costs and to eliminate the layers between the firm and its clients.

With a business model focused on matters where advantage can be obtained for clients, avoiding rote and repetitive work, using technology aggressively, eliminating bureaucracy, keeping overhead low and concentrating and deploying an amazing amount of relevant experience in the person who provides the advice and services, Paranzino Law is building Law Firm 2.0 -- an engaged and energetic personal client base that is the future of the technology industry.

The clients of Paranzino Law are an incredible collection of people and companies who are reshaping the Internet and the related software and hardware worlds. It is an honor to be able to assist them by providing services and strategy.