Gary A. Paranzino, Attorney Representing the Technology Community
Silicon Valley & New York

Gary Paranzino represents all players around the technology industry conference table

Your Lawyer, Whatever Your Seat at the Conference Table SM

Representing Emerging Technology Companies

As a former General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer to two well-known venture-funded technology companies, Gary Paranzino has handled a wide array of drafting and counseling matters for emerging companies.

He has acted as the sole outside counsel to companies in a wide array of growth stages.

A start-up may use Paranzino Law for the advantages it provides in certain situations. Paranzino Law often serves as a supplemental outside counsel to technology companies. A CFO or VP of Business Development will hire Paranzino Law because they want more senior counsel actually negotiating and drafting for them on a particular deal, or perhaps they are frustrated with turn-around time, seek proactive business savvy or fear open-ended, uneconomic billing arrangements.

In many cases, Paranzino Law operates in "stealth mode" -- unknown to other, larger counsel a company may utilize.

Paranzino Law treats its corporate clients as if Gary Paranzino were their in-house GC. That includes his worrying about the size of their bill.

As a lawyer with over 20 years' experience, who has simultaneously been Chief Legal Officer and Vice President, Business Development of a public company, Gary Paranzino has a distinctive understanding of what is important and brings his own sense of whether something may be being left on the table.

In short, Paranzino Law's approach to serving technology companies as outside counsel is: "Outside counsel, without the regrets."

Your lawyers shouldn't cause you headaches, they should solve them (or better, give them to your competitors). Paranzino Law, as sole or supplemental, perhaps stealth, outside counsel, can solve your existing legal problems, provide you better integration of your business and legal functions and eliminate issues such as sluggish response, not understanding the nuances of your business and letting junior lawyers learn their craft on your dime.

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