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Who Represents You?

Lawyers drafted the documents. Who do they represent?

You may be an executive considering a job offer. The Company sends you an e-mail with an offer letter attached. Who represents you?

You run Business Development for a start-up and the legal bottlenecks are killing your deals. Who represents you?

Your bootstrapped start-up just landed that meeting with the target customer. Their in-house lawyer prepares a 30-page licensing agreement. Who represents you?

Your venture capital firm is about to raise a new fund, but they want to "clean things up" and "make some adjustments" to your relationship. A folder of documents is prepared for your signature, by longstanding outside counsel to the Firm. Who represents you?

You are the Founder & CTO, and one weekend afternoon your security badge no longer opens the office door. A FedEx arrives at home with a "Separation Agreement and Release" prepared by Company Counsel. Who represents you?

You are CFO of a young company and outside counsel was installed by a Board member. Your costs are out of control and the executives are complaining that the lawyers staffed to your matters are inexperienced and overworked on matters for other clients. Who represents you?

The reality in technology circles is that, quite frequently, no one actually represents your personal interests. There may be a ot of lawyers around the transaction. While they took oaths to zealously represent their clients, their client definitely isn't you. Or maybe they represent your company, but not in a way that ensures your career success. So who represents you?

If you don't believe that the correct answer to this question is "Nobody", Paranzino Law was expressly formed to provide you with the best legal experience you have ever had.

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